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The whole Trump-Russia saga, summed up in a single Google search mistake

Fast Company • Tue, 23 Apr 2019 11:15:42 GMT
The Mueller report revealed a campaign and presidency defined by bouts of amateurish incompetence and bursts of lawyerly prowess. The various subplots of the Donald Trump-Russia saga often feel like…
Fast Company • Tue, 23 Apr 2019 11:20:52 GMT
And it comes with brand-new Bluetooth guts, thanks to an internal redesign that’s exclusive to the MoMA Design Store. In 1965, architect and designer Marco Zanuso created a tall, narrow radio called…
Entrepreneur • Tue, 23 Apr 2019 16:30:00 GMT
AI, machine-learning and other technology-based advances fail to recognize that executive recruiting is more art than science.

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